M16x1.5 Metric Temperature Sensor

M16x1.5 Metric Temperature Sensor

Part # 102016

Price: $ 14.99 USD

Inventory Status: Avaliable

Alternative temperature sensor for HPC Adjustable Radiator Fan Control Module kits. This sensor also follows the GM standard coolant temperature resistance and may be used in other specialty applications.

This sensor requires a M16x1.5 threaded hole for installation. This sensor must be sealed around its threads by way of thread sealant (not supplied) or by other means. This sensors hex head is not large enough to permit use of a crush washer.

- Compatible with HPC Fan Control Kits 102001-102007.
- Compatible with most GM ECUs 1980-Present.

This sensor is ideal for tight locations as the electrical connector is separate from the sensor housing. Wire length is approx 5" and is high temperature XLPE wire. This sensor plugs directly into the standard Delphi 2 pin coolant temperature sensor connector found on nearly all GMC, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac vehicles as well as some marine applications.

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